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Paper Feelings
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Lost/Trapped Drabble: Extension 
1st-Jul-2007 07:21 am
you left
Well it's pretty sad that we've only got 2 submissions. So I'm extending until Wednesday. If we don't have at least 3 additional drabbles by then, I'm just closing the community because I don't have time to waste on this if nobody wants to participate. So we'll see if we get enough entries by Wednesday to start voting. The challenge's theme is lost, trapped, confused, etc. Visit the appropriate post for submission. Good luck!
5th-Jul-2007 05:51 pm (UTC)
oh that's okay, we dont have any additional entries since the extension so i still can't put up voting.

so i'm sure you'll have plenty of time if you randomly think of something to write about =)

thank you for the response!
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