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Paper Feelings

bring your expression to life

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Welcome to paper_feelings. This community is a writing competition for anyone who would like others to read their work. There will be several different kinds of challenges, from poetry, to fiction, to fanfiction and so on. This way people of all writing styles can participate whenever they choose. This competition is open to all kinds of people no matter your age, gender, nationality, or sexual preference.

Rules for each challenge will be put up in each challenge post. However, one rule that always applies is that this must be your own work. You will be disqualified and deleted from the community if I find that you have been entering someone else's work. I am a member of several writing communities, I have an account on fictionpress.com and a fanfiction account so I WILL find out.

In order to submit pieces of writing, check to be sure they fit the rules of that particular challenge, and put them in a comment to that post. For longer stories, I'll be asking you to make an entry in your own personal journals and just give me the link (and a word count when necessary). All submissions must be in English so that voting is fair.

The winners of each challenge will receive a banner made by myself, and sometimes "guest" bannermakers. I hope you all have fun with this! =)

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense


Our profile can be found at premade_ljs.